Undergraduate Forms

The Master Plan is a summary sheet of course requirements and it provides an advising record for mechanical engineering students. (Completed Master Plan Sample) Students are encouraged to see their advisor on a regular basis to:
  • monitor progress toward the degree 
  • ensure taking courses in the proper order
  • make adjustments to individual schedules as appropriate
  • provide career guidance
Students are introduced to the Master Plan for the first time when they take ME 102 (Solid Modeling II) in the Spring semester of their freshman year. The instructor of ME 102 requires students to send a completed Master Plan electronically to the ME Department Office ([email protected]) before the students are assigned a final grade for the course.
In addition, as part of the ME curriculum students are required to take three professional electives such as, ME 530, ME 552 , ME 580, ME 585, and ME 596. Before students register for these classes, it is recommended they meet with an adviser. Meeting with an adviser will ensure that students take professional electives that are beneficial to their course of study and career objectives. 
To download the Master Plan for the 2019-2020 catalog year please click on the links below:
If your catalog year (i.e. the year of your admission to the SDSU BSME Program) falls prior to 2019-20, please visit the links below:
Failure to keep an updated Master Plan in the ME Department Office (E326) may result in delays in graduation. All course substitutions must be approved by the Department Chair. For general information about advising please check the Office of Advising and Evaluations website.
Students may apply for the BS/MS (4+1) Program when they have successfully completed a minimum of 90 units and a maximum of 115 units. These units must count towards one or the other of the two SDSU degree progams (BS or MS) that will ultimately be awarded in the dual degree program.
Completed applications should be submitted to the ME Department Office (E-326).
Application Packet (PDF) 
 Students interested in a Special Study course must have this form signed by the faculty who has agreed to supervise the student. The student will be issued an add code to enroll in the course after the completed and signed form is submitted to the ME Office.