ME faculty are actively engaged in cutting-edge research with focus in the areas listed below. The research activities are supported by well-equipped research laboratories and facilities. Sponsors of the research include NSF, NASA, DOE, DOD, AHA, NIH, NIST, DARPA, Battelle Memorial Institute, and General Atomics. Many of the research projects are interdisciplinary and involve research teams from multiple disciplines across campus and other universities.

The field of bioengineering is interdisciplinary, with a great deal of overlap among different specializations. Our faculty conduct research in such fundamental areas as Biomaterials and biomechanics, but they are also interested in many specific applications in the design of medical devices to prepare students for industry employment. Our newest thrust in neural engineering is growing with our involvement in the Engineering Research Center in Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (ERC/SNE), and will prepare students for working in this emerging area.



Design of Medical Devices

Neural Engineering

Sensors & Smart Health

Tissue Engineering

Computational Biomechanics/Biofluids

Automation in Manufacturing

Computational Methods


Materials Processing

Mechanics of Sintering

Multiscale Modeling & Materials

Powder Metallurgy

Computational Mechanics

Experimental Mechanics

Mechanical Polymers, Composites, Multiferroic Materials, Non-traditional Materials


Computational MEMS

Micro and Nano Fabrication


Nano Mechatronics

Polymer Solar Cells



Dynamic Systems and Control



Smart Valves