Eugene Olevsky

Dr. Eugene Olevsky

Dean of the College of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

San Diego

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Dr. Olevsky received his Ph.D. from Ukraine National Academy of Sciences in 1990. The research activities of Dr. Olevsky encompass various scientific areas including materials science and mechanics applied to processing of powders and porous materials; metal, ceramic, glass, and polymer composites, including nano-materials. Dr. Olevsky's research group current activities include the development of advanced materials for solid-oxide fuel cells, thermal management of electronic circuitry, hydrogen storage, and solar cells. Dr. Olevsky has developed a continuum theory of sintering, which enables the prediction of the macroscopic behavior of porous bodies during sintering: shape distortion, density distribution, etc. Since 1998, Dr. Olevsky has been a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at San Diego State University. Dr. Olevsky was named Dean of the College of Engineering in April 2019. Dr. Olevsky's numerous publications reflect his dual mechanics and materials science oriented research. His scientific activities have been supported by multiple grants from NSF, DOE, DARPA, and various industrial sponsors. Dr. Olevsky is the Director of the SDSU Powder Technology Laboratory.

Areas of Specialization

Mechanics and Materials, Powder Technology, Sintering,
Computational Materials