Welcome to Mechanical Engineering at SDSU!

The Department is the vibrant home to about 1200 undergraduate and graduate students, several active and award-winning student clubs and organizations, multiple teaching and research laboratories, internationally-renowned faculty who are dedicated teachers committed to the success of students while leading cutting-edge research in the fields of bioengineering, design, energy, manufacturing, materials, mechatronics, and robotics and control by employing advanced experimental and computational techniques, and dedicated and committed staff. Mechanical engineering is the broadest of all the engineering disciplines. We innovate the technologies at small and large scales that will impact healthcare in the next generation. We imagine, design and build the energy systems for stationary and mobile applications that are efficient, clean, and promote a sustainable environment. We develop and process the advanced materials that will realize the extreme demands of the technologies of the future. We develop robots and human-machine interfaces that will drive the technologies of the future with ever increasing safety and efficiency. In short, we imagine, create, design, and build technologies that impact all aspects of our life. Our undergraduate curriculum builds on the basic sciences as the foundation with the practical understanding of a broad range of engineering subjects through a combination of theoretical and hands-on learning culminating in a year-long capstone design experience where students work in teams on projects often sponsored by industries, while emphasizing ethical and professional responsibilities. Students have the opportunity to develop additional expertise in a specific area by taking electives and/or conducting faculty-supervised independent research. Most of our students benefit from work experience through internships and find job placement before they graduate. Graduate studies emphasize further course work and independent research in our multiple laboratories.



New Faculty
Dr. Meysam Heydari Gharacheshmeh and Dr. Sara Adibi

Faculty Research Highlights