Engineering Internship Program

About Our Program

The College’s Student Internship Program pairs motivated, knowledgeable engineering students with local engineering firms who offer practical work experience and job market exposure. Through this highly successful program, students have the opportunity to learn more about their chosen profession, while employers gain access to some of SDSU’s most enthusiastic and motivated students. 

Our excellent relationships with many engineering firms in the San Diego region form the basis for this successful program. Participating local firms work with a single university contact to establish and staff intern positions.

What Hours Do Interns Work?

When classes are in session, we ask employers to provide flexible work schedules, enabling interns to work up to 20 hours per week while still attending classes on campus. During winter and summer breaks, full-time employment is often an option.

Are Internships Paid?

Students are compensated from $10-$20 per hour, depending upon their skills and academic units completed.  This allows students to help pay for their educational expenses while learning practical job skills before they graduate. 

How Do SDSU Students Apply for an Internship?

Currently enrolled SDSU students may apply directly via the Aztec Career Connection with Career Services at:

You may also contact Liza Aguirre-Oviedo, [email protected], who is the College of Engineering Internship Coordinator. 

How do Engineering Firms Request Interns?

If your firm would like to post and internship opportunity, simply sign up with SDSU Career Services at:

You will be contacted if we have questions or need follow-up.  Once your internship is posted, interested students will send their resumes and cover letters directly to you.

If you have questions about the program, or how it would work in your circumstances, please call (619) 594-6079.