Mechanical Engineering Major Advising

Advising in Mechanical Engineering is provided by (a) Advisors assigned to Mechanical Engineering in the Center for Student Success in Engineering, (b) Selena Jarin Administrative Assistant, in the Mechanical Engineering Office. The Advisors assigned to ME in the CSSE are Juno Palau and Leviticus Johnson. The responsibilities of the Advisors are shown in the table below.

Louisa Burrus- [email protected]

ME Department Administrative Assistant

Contact Louisa for setting up appointments with Department Chair, change of Major and Pre Major, inquiries about 4+1 program, registration overrides, RAAR forms, direct to ME faculty as needed.

Leviticus Johnson- [email protected]                                                     

Student Advisor, CSSE

Last name, A-J 


Contact Leviticus to complete Master Plans and updating Master Plans, specific attention in updating Master Plans in ME 190; ME 350; ME 490A

Juno Palau- [email protected]

Student Advisor, CSSE

Last name, K-Z


Contact Juno to complete Master Plans and updating Master Plans, specific attention in updating Master Plans in ME 190; ME 350; ME 490A


ME Department Faculty: students have been assigned to faculty based on last name.


Meet your Instructional Faculty for advice on course material, meet with your Faculty Advisor regarding future careers, appropriate electives to take towards career goals, post baccalaureate plans, and time management.

Master Plan:

The Master Plan is a summary sheet of course requirements and it provides an advising record for mechanical engineering students.

Students Responsibilites:
  • Students must send the Master Plan electronically to the ME Department Office to receive credit in ME 190 and enroll in ME 350 and ME 490A.
  • Transfer students must file the Master Plan before they can be considered for major status.
  • If a Master Plan is not filed as required above, students will not be allowed to register in subsequent ME classes.
  • Pre- and Co-Requisites will be enforced according to the catalog.
  • Students are strongly advised to have the completed Master Plan reviewed by their adviser before planning to take technical electives.
  • Ensure all ME and GE requirements are met for graduation

General Advising

Office of Evaluations

The Office of Evaluations can assist with:

  • Understanding degree evaluation and academic record
  • Evaluate transfer credit
  • Satisfy mathematics and writing competencies
  • File for graduation

The Office of Evaluations is located in Student Services West- 1551

Center for Success in Engineering (CSSE)