Mechanical Engineering Major Advising

  • All Mechanical Engineering students who have general advising needs, including advice on Master Plans, completion of Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RAAR) forms, and registration, must initially meet with Allyson Korba in the Mechanical Engineering Office. She can be contacted at the Mechanical Engineering email address at [email protected]. Additional persons to contact, in case Allyson is not available, are Julie Smitherman or Dr. John Abraham, the Department Chair.
  • All Mechanical Engineering students are assigned to Faculty Advisers in accordance with the Adviser List. Please contact your adviser via email for office hours in Fall 2020/Spring 2021.
  • Mechanical Engineering faculty advisers assist students with questions related to Upper Division major courses, elective courses, and career guidance.
  • Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirement (RAAR) form should be used by undergraduate students requesting an exception to an academic policy or regulation. For more information please refer to the Office of Advising and Evaluations. Please note that the RAAR form must be signed by the Department Chair before it is submitted to the Office of Advising and Evaluations.


Master Plan:

The Master Plan is a summary sheet of course requirements and it provides an advising record for mechanical engineering students.

Students Responsibilites:

  • Students must send the Master Plan electronically to the ME Department Office to receive credit in ME 190 and enroll in ME310 and 490A.
  • Transfer students must file the Master Plan before they can be considered for major status.
  • If a Master Plan is not filled as required above, students will not be allowed to register in subsequent ME classes.
  • Pre- and Co-Requisites will be enforced according to the catalog.
  • Students are strongly advised to have the completed Master Plan reviewed by their Faculty Adviser before planning to take technical electives.
  • Ensure all ME and GE requirements are met for graduation


General Advising

The Academic Advising Center can help you:

Understand graduation requirements

  • Develop an academic plan
  • Evaluate transfer credit
  • Choose or change a major
  • Plan your next semester's schedule
  • Satisfy mathematics and writing competencies
  • Remove probationary status to avoid disqualification
  • File for graduation

The Academic Advising Center is located in Student Services West- 1551 (North of Aztec Center)

Center for Success in Engineering (CSSE)

Primary focus:

  • Lower-division engineering students
  • Pre-engineering major students
  • Newly admitted students (including transfers)


  • Course Planning
  • GE Requirements
  • Clubs/Organizations
  • Introduction to Master Plans
  • Early Steps to graduation
  • New Student/Transfer Help

CSSE is located in the Engineering bulding (E-221B). Please bring your Degree Evaluation and your Major map.