Advisory Board

Headshot photo of Dr. Christina Back

Dr. Christina Back

Vice President
Nuclear Technologies and Materials
General Atomics

Headshot photo

Lenny Barbod

Senior Research & Development Manager
San Diego, CA

Headshot of Kent Bruzzone

Kent Bruzzone

Director of Lab Operations
San Diego, CA

Headshot photo of Victor Escobedo

Victor Escobedo

Engineering Program Manager
D&K Engineering
San Diego, CA

Headshot photo of Steven Feiner

Steven Feiner

Senior Project Manager
Sempra LNG & Midstream
San Diego, CA

Headshot photo of Ed Gillison

Edwardo T. Gillison

Deputy Director
Systems Engineering & Technology
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Headshot photo of James Hickle

James Hickle (Chair of Board)

Operational Excellence Director
Energy & Transportation
Catepillar, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Headshot photo of Doug Isaaks

Doug Isaaks

McParlane & Associates, Inc.
San Diego, CA

headshot of Arbi

Arbi V. Karapetian

Deputy Section Manager
Payload and Small Spacecraft
Mechanical Engineering
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

headshot of Tom Lunneberg

Tom Lunneberg

Director of Sustainability
MA Engineers
San Diego, CA


headshot of Melissa Packwood

Melissa Packwood

Fire Scout Program Director
Northrop Grumman