general information

All students in Mechanical Engineering are required to complete a one-year senior design project in their final year. The project may be completed either during the academic year (August - May) or during a calendar year (January - December, with a summer recess). This project constitutes their capstone design experience. The project has to run consecutively through two semesters. Typically, students work in a team of five. The team is structured to represent a design team in industry with specific tasks for each member of the team. The team has to undertake the full sequence of activities involved in bringing a product to the market in industry, including detailed analysis, planning, designing for manufacture, making CAD drawings, machining/manufacturing the product, testing and validation, making modifications as needed. Design Reviews are conducted at periodic intervals. Students have to make oral presentations and submit a comprehensive report at the end of each semester. The design team will interact closely with a mentor from the sponsoring organization during the course of the project. Sponsors are invited to submit a proposal(s) that includes the project title, objectives of the project, brief description, deliverables, and timeframe (either August-May, or January-December).

project sponsor's role

  • Provide material budget (or materials directly)
  • Provide ME Department donation ($5K/Project)
  • Serve in the role of a customer
    • Support Requirements and Specifications Development; read the System Description Document, provide feedback and final approval
    • Ensure project deliverables to you as the customer are identified and communicated
    • Ensure assumptions are communicated (students will document)
    • Read and provide feedback as needed on weekly status reports
    • Read the project management plan and provide feedback to the students as applicable
    • Review student designs and analysis (via PDR and CDR content)
    • Monitor prototype and manufacturing progress to ensure form, fit and function
    • Review test plans, test results; provide sponsor provided test resources as applicable
    • Participate in the annual SDSU Design Day event
    • Read the fall and spring term final reports and provide feedback to the students
  • Provide fall and spring project feedback to SDSU faculty
  • Provide supervision and enable student’s safety during any work at your facility