Dr. Camacho featured on NBC7 News and Fox 5 News to discuss power outages and fires around California


Dr. Camacho was interviewed by both NBC7 and Fox 5 News channels, regarding the fires breaking out around California and the power outages to help alleviate some of the fires' desctruction.

NBC7 visited Dr. Camacho's Energy FANS (Flames, Aerosols and NanoScience) Lab at SDSU to see the research he is currently doing on flames characteristics and how we can better prepare and predict fires. In another interview, Dr. Camacho states that just like earthquakes, Californians must have a fire safety plan and be prepared.



Dr. Camacho gave an in-studio interview with Fox 5 News explaining how weather conditions along with active power lines, can increase the chances of fires and how power companies, such as PG&E, are taking precautions by turning off power in certain locations to decrease the occurence of fires.