- President Hirshman recently congratulated Engineering students Aaron Nickovich and Ryan Badertscher for their role in the SDSU chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Aaron and Ryan placed second in the 2014 Green Energy Challenge and first in its poster competition. We are proud of the national attention they have garnered with their team's plan to retrofit Kearney Mesa High School gym with energy-efficient fans and lighting. 



- Dr. May-Newman recently received a grant from the American Heart Association to study the development of aortic valve disease in patients with left ventricular assist devices (LVADs), otherwise known as heart pumps. Long-term LVAD support has been accompanied by accelerated valve disease, which Dr. May-Newman believes is caused by changes in cardiac biomechanics and will be studying it further.

- Drs. May-Newman and Moon received a grant from the National Science Foundation to design assistive technology for disabled persons, which is part of the research conducted at the Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering.

- Qmed Interviews Dr. Karen May-Newman. Qmed Interview article

- Congratulations to Dr. Sam Kassegne, ME Professor,who has just been elected to the Board of Directors of SDSU Research Foundation

- ME Professor, Dr. Kee Moon is a co-PI on a $4M grant from KIAT, for developing a sustainable power module for implantable medical devices based on ultrasonic wireless power. Professor Yusuf Ozturk from ECE department is also involved in the project.

- Congratulations to ME Professor Dr. Rand German who has just exceeded the milestone of over 1,000 scientific publications. He is also currently the most cited author in his field.

- ME Professors Dr. Sooby Battacharjee and Dr. Fletcher Miller had experiments conducted on the international space station. As part of their NASA research projects, combustion and fire safety under micro-gravity conditions were studied.



- Wong K, Samaroo G, Ling I, Dembitsky W, Adamson R, del Alamo JC, May-Newman,K. Intraventricular flow patternsand stasis in the LVAD - assistant heart, Journal of Biomechanics, in press.