Dr. Parag Katira

Office: E-211

Email: [email protected]

Phone:(619) 594-2032

Fax: (619) 594-3599 

M/C: 1323  


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Ph.D., University of Florida
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Biomolecular Motors, Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, Tissue
Dynamics, Soft Matter Interactions, Design of Active Materials


Dr. Parag Katira received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida in 2009. His research interests lie in using mathematical modeling techniques to study the dynamics of active matter such as cells, tissues, bacterial biofilms and synthetic molecular-motor assemblies. A key topic of research in Dr. Katira‚Äôs lab is force generation and sensing by cells and how this shapes our tissues and organs. Specific applications of this research are in understanding and predicting cancer progression, tissue regeneration and wound healing mechanisms. Another area he is currently exploring is the design of synthetic materials that can mimic the self-regulating and self-organizing properties of cells and tissues. Dr. Katira is also the Managing Editor for IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, an interdisciplinary journal whose focus is the study of nano-scale interactions in biological systems for developing the next generation of biomedical devices and solutions.