Faculty Emeriti

 Email: [email protected]

Current affiliation:
Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering
Bergen University College
Bergen, Norway

Dr. Impelluso's current interests include redeveloping dynamics, using: SO(3)/SE(3) from the Lie Group Theory; Cartan’s theory of moving frames; and a new compact notation from the discipline of geometrical physics. This method makes 3D dynamics more accessible than 2D dynamics using the Special Orthogonal Group SO(3).. The Special Euclidean Group, SE(3) is used in Hamilton’s Principle, with a constrained variation of the rotation to produce the Lagrangian. This enables a rapid deployment of the kinetics of linked systems—the new method simplifies the kinetics of robotics. A textbook, to be released by Pearson in 2017, will be a 3D e-text using WebGL/HTML5 canvases folded into the e-version of the text using Habitat/Inkling: every figure in the book will be 3D interactive.

In addition, Dr. Impelluso does consulting work in the area of gyroscopic control of the orientation of floating windmills (Statoil) and heave control for cranes on ships (DOF Subsea, Norway).

Alvin E. Lybarger, Ed.D
Robert J. Murphy