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Professor Kassegne and student working on a lab

ME faculty are actively engaged in cutting-edge research with focus in the areas listed below. The research activities are supported by well-equipped research laboratories and facilities. Sponsors of the research include NSF, NASA, DOE, DOD, AHA, NIH, NIST, DARPA, Battelle Memorial Institute, and General Atomics. Many of the research projects are interdisciplinary and involve research teams from multiple disciplines across campus and other universities.


Bioengineering (Drs. Kassegne, Katira, May-Newman, Moon, Youssef)
  • Biomechanics (Drs. Katira, May-Newman, Youssef)
  • Biomaterials (Drs. Katira, May-Newman, Youssef)
  • Computational Biomechanics/Biofluids (Drs. Katira, May-Newman)
  • Neural Engineering (Drs. Kassegne, May-Newman, Moon)
  • Sensors, Smart Health (Drs. Kassegne, Moon)
  • Tissue Engineering (Dr. Katira)


Energy and Thermofluids (Drs. Abraham, Battiato, Beyene, Bhattacharjee, Miller)
  • Combustion (Drs. Abraham, Bhattacharjee, Miller)
  • Computational Methods (Drs. Abraham, Battiato, Miller)
  • Energy Systems (Drs. Beyene, Miller)
  • Multiphase Flows (Drs. Abraham, Battiato)
  • Porous Media Flows (Dr. Battiato)
  • Renewable Energy (Drs. Abraham, Beyene, Miller)


Particulate Materials Science and Processing (Drs. German, Kline, Morsi, Olevsky)

  • Materials Processing (Drs. German, Morsi, Olevsky)
  • Mechanics of Sintering (Drs. German, Olevsky)
  • Powder Metallurgy (Drs. German, Morsi, Olevsky)


Mechanics (Drs. Katira, Kline, May-Newman, Mehrabadi, Olevsky,Youssef)

  • Computational Mechanics (Drs. Kassegne, Katira, May-Newman)

Microelectromechanical and Nanoelectromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS) (Drs. Kassegne, Moon)

  • Bio-Nanoelectronics (Dr. Kassegne)
  • Computational MEMS (Dr. Kassegne)
  • Micro and Nano Fabrication (Dr. Kassegne)
  • Microfluidics (Dr. Kassegne)
  • Nanomechatronics (Dr. Moon)
  • Polymer Solar Cells (Dr. Kassegne)
  • Sensors (Drs. Kassegne, Moon)


Robotics, Dynamic Systems and Control, Mechatronics (Drs. Hamed, Moon, Naseradinmousavi)

  • Dynamic Systems and Control (Dr. Naseradinmousavi)
  • Legged Locomotion (Dr. Hamed)
  • Mechatronics (Dr. Moon)
  • Robotics (Drs. Hamed, Naseradinmousavi)
  • Smart Valves (Dr. Naseradinmousavi)
Smart Health Institute

SDSU awarded $10M NIH grant

ME Professor, Dr. Kee Moon is one of the PIs on a $10M NIH award entitled "Building Capacity and Infrastructue for Population Health and Health Disparities Research at San Diego State University".

1000 publications

1000+ Scientific Publications by SDSU Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Randall German, ME Professor, for exceeding the milestone of 1,000 scientific publications in powder-based materials and sintering, including 16 books. He is currently the most cited author in his field.


Modeling Sintering Anisotropy

Dr. Eugene Olevsky has received a $630k NSF award to conduct a multi-scale fundamental investigation of sintering anisotropy.

This conceptual schematic shows a small particle solar receiver.

Concentrating Solar Power SunShot Research Award

Dr. Fletcher Miller is the PI on a $3.8M DoE grant for developing a Small-Particle Solar Receiver for High-Temperature Brayton Power Cycles.

Brain Picture

$18M NSF Engineering Research Center

PDF file: download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Dr. Kee Moon leads SDSU's efforts in the NSF Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Partner Universities include UW and MIT.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities


  • Part-Time Faculty (Lecturer) 
  • Instructional Student Assistant
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Teaching Associate