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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Powder Metallurgy
Particulate Materials Science & Processing
graduate students working hard

  • The goal of this project is the development of the multi-scale virtual reality framework for modeling high-temperature processing of multi-layered powder composites.

This project is sponsored by NSF’s Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF).

The long-term goals of the project are:

  • The development of the theory of the technological strength of the particulate materials during high-temperature deformation processing
  • The development of the constitutive models of high-temperature deformation of nano-particulate bulk materials

The development of such modeling frameworks is long overdue and is of strong industrial demand (specifically for the optimization of the manufacturing of ceramic powder components for alternative energy applications, such as fuel and solar cells).

Drs. German, Morsi, Olevsky 

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, E-326

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-1323