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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of Sintering
Particulate Materials Science & Processing
graduate students working hard

  • Research on fundamental aspects of spark-plasma sintering
  • Research on the fundamental aspects of sintering anisotropy
  • Application of sintering fundamentals for optimized design of material components for energy-related applications (solar and fuel cells, hydrogen storage, thermal management, novel nuclear fuel components)
  • Research on liquid-phase sintering affected by gravity

These projects are sponsored by NSF, DOE, U.S. Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), NASA, and General Atomics.

Long-term Plans:

  • The development of the multi-scale virtual reality framework for modeling sintering processes
  • The development of the general theory of field-assisted sintering processes
  • The establishment of the center for research on field-assisted sintering technologies

These directions reflect the modern demands of the current powder science and technology in the areas related to sintering. To achieve these goals, we plan to continue the research activities of the SDSU Powder Technology Laboratory in its interactions with governmental agencies and industrial companies to maintain its high reputation and to advance it further to the status of a world leader in fundamental sintering studies. The field-assisted sintering technologies are currently the most popular research domain addressed by the sintering research community; they open broad opportunities for sintering enhancement and control and for the manufacturing of novel materials with extraordinary properties. The unique position of the SDSU Powder Technology Laboratory (integrating the fundamental and applied research expertise) in this area is widely recognized by the world sintering community.

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, E-326

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